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What Is Eckankar?—Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

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Dreams: A Source of Inner Truth

Kicking the Cigarette Habit


Shortly before an Eckankar seminar in Orlando, Florida, I recorded this dream about my smoking habit in my dream journal: I was parked in my pickup truck smoking a cigarette. I kept dropping it in my lap, on the floor, on the steering column.

At the seminar, every time I turned a corner, stopped at a light, or bent over in my car, I dropped my cigarette, just as in my dream. The ECK was telling me it was time to drop the cigarette habit.

But sometimes it's not easy to quit a long-held habit. One day while walking to my office, I asked the Mahanta out loud, "Is smoking really that bad? What effect is it having on me spiritually?"

What drawbacks could there be to smoking?

No answer came to settle my question that minute, so I was quick to forget about it. But the Inner Master didn't.

That night I had another dream. I was sitting on the patio when a friend and his young son walked up. "Come with us," my friend said.

They led me around the side of the house. Cigarette butts, old crumpled packs, and empty cartons covered the yard. What a mess! We got busy and filled the trash can to overflowing. And there was still more trash to pick up as the dream faded.

This time I listened hard. I knew the Master had answered my question. He had shown what effect smoking was having on me: it was trashing my consciousness! Success with the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and smoking are not compatible.

Cigarette smoke clouds one's inner vision.

As a new ECKist working hard to grow in spiritual awareness, I was trying to prepare myself to receive the Light and Sound of God. Yet all the while, I had been littering my consciousness with trash!

Wah Z (the inner name of the Mahanta) and the ECK (Divine Spirit) were working with me, both in the dream state and in my waking life, to help me kick the smoking habit. A result of this help was an understanding of the need to drop my cigarettes where they belonged—in the trash.

Now a spiritual ecologist, I dedicate my life to keeping my personal environment clean!

Excerpted from Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, copyright © 2003 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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