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Dreaming Consciously

To learn to move consciously into a new or higher plane in the dream state, try this technique.

Before sleep gently place the attention on the Living ECK Master. In your dream state, return your attention to the Living ECK Master, who will appear as the Dream Master.

In your dream, anchor your attention on some solid object in the room. While you are focused, give yourself this thought command: I am awakening in my dream. As you anchor your attention on the object as a point of concentration, you will find yourself rising as if through veils of consciousness. You will move into a new plane just as solid as the physical.

If you fail to maintain your concentration on the object in the dream, you will sink into the dream state and awaken in a natural way.

During the dream you can also put yourself in the position of a silent witness, watching others enact their roles, much as you watch a movie. You can learn to start and stop the dream, make the dream bright or dim, in color or black and white.

Another way to dream consciously is to practice watching yourself drop off to sleep each night. Learn to catch that point where you dip into the larger reservoir of the dream state.

Through practice you can learn to rest the body and be in a conscious state of awareness. You can do this without fear. You can then learn to move from one dream level to another, without losing consciousness.

The question always arises: What should I do if I am consciously dreaming or on a different plane and I want to get back into the awareness of the physical body? There is one basic rule: Assume with the sense of feeling that you are in your physical body. This will happen immediately.

—Sri Harold Klemp
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