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Shield of Silver Light

In the forest of the Sugmad is an enormous clearing. It is set in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape, where the sky is baby blue, speckled with fluffy white clouds.

Against the stump of an ancient tree, all by itself in the middle of the clearing, stands a silver shield. It appears as a mighty warrior's shield from medieval times. The Light of God shines down from above, strikes the shield, and comes off in a ray of light so brilliant that it will blind anyone who approaches it with an impure heart.

This Shield of Silver Light stands as a protection for the children of ECK, those who make the commitment to follow the shield of love. No being can approach it except in the spirit of love. And when you can approach the Shield of Silver Light in the spirit of love, you have the protection of the Mahanta with you. Nothing can touch you, nothing can harm you.

When battle must be done to bring protection to Its own, the Inner Master, the Mahanta, will go to the clearing, pick up the shield, and with the sword of the Sugmad he will take the field in battle for you.

If you know and accept this, then you have the love and protection of the Holy Spirit against every psychic attack, against all harm and all danger. In times of danger, you have the ability to wrap this aura of love so tightly about you that nothing can touch you.

In your contemplation, see yourself walking beside the Mahanta through the meadows to this great forest. When you reach the clearing in the middle of the forest, you will find the Shield of Silver Light, which is the shield of love. Stand within its circle of protection, and know that you are standing in the love and protection of the Sugmad.

—Sri Harold Klemp
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The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

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