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Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Sri Harold Klemp

When you step onto the path to God and you begin looking for that secret path to heaven, the way will be opened for you. And the way lies through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

These spiritual exercises link you with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, which is seen as Light and heard as Sound. The inner Sound is the Voice of God calling us home. The inner Light is a beacon to light our way. All the Spiritual Exercises of ECK are built on these two divine aspects of the Holy Spirit.

Learning spiritual consciousness is learning how to live in this world no matter what comes. We learn through these spiritual exercises how to live life graciously, from childhood to old age. We learn how to live life in the best way possible.

Eckankar: In the Light: painting by Signy Cohen

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK give us confidence in ourselves. We learn that we are Soul, we are eternal. Then we know with certainty that we live forever, that death cannot destroy us.

You can do the spiritual exercises in a number of different ways. Usually, any guidelines I give are to help you develop the self-discipline to remember what's happening on the inner planes.

When you do the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, fill yourself with love and goodwill. Then say, “I now put my inner experiences into your hands, Mahanta. Take me wherever is best for my own unfoldment at this particular time.”

You can train yourself to remember, if you keep a notebook handy. It's hard, but that's what I did. Train yourself to wake up in the middle of the night and write down an experience. As you develop the discipline of remembering inner experiences, you also develop the strength to handle them.

Be patient with yourself. It is a rare person who has instant success and dramatic results right away. Expect subtle, gradual changes in your outlook on life over a period of weeks or months. A good way to keep track of this is by using a journal to note any insights, perceptions, or changes you notice in yourself.

Use the spiritual exercise that works best for you based on the outer conditions you're faced with. No matter which one you use, all you really want is experience with the Light and Sound of God.

Do one exercise every day. Spend about twenty minutes on it. This builds your spiritual stamina gently over time. Regular daily practice is the key to success.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, copyright © 1993, 1997 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.

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The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A collection of 131 simple, straightforward spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

Eckankar book: The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

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