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Opening the Heart Center

Many people want to know how to get rid of fear. Fear isn't something you can be talked out of. The secret to getting rid of fear is to open the heart center.

In contemplation, imagine yourself sitting in the audience at an Eckankar seminar, with the Living ECK Master speaking from the stage. Visualize the golden Light of God coming into your heart center, coming in so quietly and gently that you may not realize It's there. Imagine your heart center reacting like the pupil of an eye, opening gently to allow more Light to come in.

There is a way for each person to control the opening of the heart center and the flow of Light within. Ask the Inner Master how to maintain the inner connection with the ECK to find a balance that is right for you.

—Sri Harold Klemp
The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

By Harold Klemp

A how-to collection of 131 spiritual exercises for spiritual growth and upliftment.

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