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Spiritual Exercise of the Week

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Sherlock Holmes Technique

If there is a problem that you can't seem to work through, you may wish to try the following exercise.

Shut your eyes, and begin to visualize Sherlock Holmes in his funny-looking cap. First, you see a luminous blue form, which then begins to look like Sherlock Holmes holding a magnifying glass in front of him. He's walking along a path toward you. As he gets closer, you see that he is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

The Mahanta greets you, then says, "If you'll come with me, we'll go find a solution to your problem."

As you begin to follow the Mahanta, the Inner Master in the guise of Sherlock Holmes, you become more and more aware of the incredibly bright blue light around him. You become more aware also that the light passes through his magnifying glass like a flashlight. Together you walk through a misty marsh, and the Blue Light of ECK illuminates the path.

As you go with him, you may chant the word HUUUACH (HU-ach). It's similar to HU. You can use this word with this particular exercise as you are walking along with the Inner Master, who will be dressed like Sherlock Holmes.

Finally, you come to an enormous rock. The Mahanta, still dressed as Sherlock, easily lifts it. He holds his magnifying glass up for you to see. The blue light shining through the glass has turned to white light. And on the bottom of the rock, you see engraved the solution to your problem.

Do this exercise every other night for one month, interchanging it with your regular spiritual exercise. It's an attempt to bypass the mind. See what you discover.

—Sri Harold Klemp
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