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Imaginative Techniques

Soul Travel occurs in two ways. One form is experienced as the apparent movement of the Soul body through the planes of time and space. It is not really movement, because Soul already exists on all planes. What seems to be movement, or travel, is simply Soul coming into agreement with fixed states and conditions that already exist in the lower worlds.

This explains the imaginative technique for Soul Travel. You imagine a scene, and you are there in the Soul body. It may feel as though you are moving along very quickly, and this is why it is perceived as travel. Actually, it is the process of changing the setting around you.

To practice this, you can take a scene from your memories and control the actions in it. For example, imagine the sea beating against a beach. Now try to see the sea as being as still as lake water. Try it on things you know by stilling or stopping actions.

You may experience a rushing sound, like wind in a tunnel, and the sensation of moving incredibly fast.

The other form of Soul Travel is the expansion of consciousness. This is closer to the state of true personal revelation or enlightenment that we are looking for in ECK.

—Sri Harold Klemp
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