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Using Light for Healing

In your spiritual exercises there are two things you can use for healing. One is the orange light, and the other is the blue light. You may wish to experiment with them. Some people are successful in this kind of healing, and others are better off seeing a doctor. It depends on you.

The orange light is mostly for the physical body. Go into contemplation in your usual way, whether you sit up or lie down. Using the imaginative power, which is the God force or the seeing power of Soul, shut your eyes and visualize the Audible Life Stream. This is the pure white Light of God, a composite of all the colors.

Now visualize a ray coming off of It. It's very much like using a prism to see the spectrum of colors.

The ray you see is orange, which applies to physical health. With your eyes closed, visualize this orange stream coming through you. Just let it flow to the area in your body that is diseased, afflicted, or injured. You can do this for twenty minutes.

This is a healing technique. But you do it only for yourself; don't go out and blast orange light at other people.

The blue light is another way of healing, but it is for the inner bodies—the Astral, Causal, Mental, and Etheric. These are the bodies of the psychic worlds below the Soul Plane.

Here again, you use a technique similar to that of the orange light. And I'll repeat this: Do it only for yourself, never for another person.

Close your eyes, and visualize the blue light coming into the heart center. This light is known as the Blue Light of the Mahanta. The Mahanta Consciousness is the highest state of consciousness known to man. The blue light is for the calming and healing of the inner man—your emotions and your mind. Along with this technique, get plenty of physical rest.

The blue light is not something that is created out of the ethers from some source alien to yourself. It comes from your own God Worlds, and you are now becoming aware of it.

Let this healing Light of God come in and work on the area you feel needs help. Or just let It flow into the Spiritual Eye. As It washes and cleanses the impurities, It will start to uplift you from the materialism and karma that you have created for yourself through ignorance of God's laws.

A true spiritual healing first heals the spiritual condition that caused the symptoms to appear in the physical body. You have to understand that when you use the orange light, it may not bring a miraculous healing, such as the reshaping of limbs, or anything like this. But it may lead you to a better doctor.

—Sri Harold Klemp
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