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Calling Upon the Little People

If you find yourself in a situation where you sense danger, use your imagination in contemplation to repair the situation. Rather than giving up to the hand of fear, call upon the little people.

If you are on an airplane, for example, you can imagine a force of neatly uniformed little workers tightening all the rivets, bolts, and nuts. See them making sure all the hoses and nozzles are secured. Once you set the scenario in motion in your imagination, it will take over. All you have to do is watch them work.

Whenever there is a crisis, you can work with creative exercises and visualize workers fixing whatever is wrong. It isn't limited to airplanes; it can be done anywhere, even in your office.

But be careful not to visualize workers beating up your boss or co-workers who won't do something your way. That puts you in the field of power. In some way you will pay for power: things will go wrong and backfire on you.

You don't have to passively accept what the Lords of Karma hand out as your lot in life. If a warning comes on the inner that something negative is about to happen, you can use your creative imagination. Know that there is a way to neutralize that experience—if it is the will of the ECK.

—Sri Harold Klemp
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