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Write It Down

So often people who fail say, "I simply cannot deal with my life. Everything is wrong. I can't get over this problem."

When you're feeling very upset and down on the world, when you feel at odds with people, when you don't have the confidence you want, sit down and write an initiate report.

In the first paragraph or two, write what's bothering you. Try to do this in the first or second sentence if you can condense it that much. Say "This is what's troubling me. I can't handle it." Then keep writing the details. Put in some of the experiences that have happened that support the situation.

You might write, "I'm having this problem with somebody at work, and here are some of the things this person has done to me."

As you're writing the details, after about five, ten, or fifteen minutes, you're going to find something is lifting from you. The problem won't be as heavy as it was before.

If those feelings come back again in a day or a week or a month, sit down again and write. This is your self-discipline. This is one of the steps to self-mastery: learning how to have the discipline to very directly face what's causing you trouble.

Everyone comes into this life with a debt. In some situations, there's a karmic cause that goes way back. Some things you have to live with, like poor eyesight. But other things you don't have to live with.

When you're working with the Mahanta, he can go back beyond birth. If you give these problems over to the Mahanta in an initiate report, in your dream state he can begin unwinding the past karma. No one else can do that for you.

—Sri Harold Klemp
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