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Eckankar: collage of seminar attendees and activities

Here's What Attendees Have to Say about ECK Seminars

"It surpassed my expectations! The programs were broad and appealing to all Souls on all levels of unfoldment. The creative arts were uplifting and inspirational."


"The seminar was prepared just for me! It always amazes me that everything I need is part of the program."


"I loved seeing the 'many faces of ECK.' Beautiful, loving Souls from all over the globe, all walks of life, all varied experiences, all shining with love for the Mahanta. It certainly opens the heart to serve life (God) with love."

2007 ECK Worldwide Seminar

"It's a miracle! How is it that Sri Harold always gives a talk that meets the immediate spiritual needs of today? I get understandings for my daily life as well as deep inner upliftment of consciousness. Transforming!"


"I came thinking I'd like guidance on one issue in my life, but got a treasure chest of guidance for other issues I had not targeted. Wow!"

2008 ECK Springtime Seminar

"The Spiritual Wisdom Fair was wonderful. It was such a gift to be able to research a question/goal for a full hour and have all the tools available."


"I had many inner experiences. I feel so deeply moved and braced by these. My heart is so full. I feel like my growth toward becoming a clear channel for God has been exponentially propelled."


"Spiritually uplifting and enlightening, a melting pot of love, wonderful workshops to help us gain spiritual freedom this lifetime, and tools to walk the razor's edge to Mastership."


"I have been in a low ebb in my life. This seminar has raised my consciousness to a higher level and again opened my heart. It helped me learn how to love myself and love others as Soul."

2007 ECK Worldwide Seminar

"Words can't begin to encompass the spiritual gifts bestowed here. My mission to serve all life has come into sharp focus, as have tools to use to enable me to fulfill my goals."

2007 ECK Worldwide Seminar

"This is my first ECK Worldwide Seminar. I did not know that so much love existed on the physical level!!"


"I came mostly to just immerse myself in the flow and love of the ECK. I was feeling the need for a recharge of my spiritual batteries. Definitely got what I came for and then some!


"I don't usually realize all the gifts that I've received until they unfold over the next few weeks and months. But I know I'm going home loaded with gifts to unwrap one by one. I look forward to the joy each one will bring, not the least of which will be the gifts of gratitude and blessings.


Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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