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The Easy Way Discourses Satsang Class

With ECK membership, you will receive a discourse series for your personal study. . . .
Pay close attention to the gentle rhythm in The Easy Way Discourses, for it carries the secret melody of divine love, wisdom, and understanding.

—Sri Harold Klemp
Your Road Map to the ECK Teachings: ECKANKAR Study Guide

Eckankar: Satsang Class at the Temple of ECK

Take a Giant Leap in Spiritual Growth

ECK Satsang classes offer a comfortable setting to study the ECK discourses. You will learn to recognize your own success with Soul Travel, dream travel, and the Light and Sound of God. If you'd like to visit a class, call Temple Services, (952) 380-2200.

Spiritual benefits of membership in ECK include

  • receiving inner and outer guidance from a true spiritual master;
  • discovering miracles in your everyday life through the ECK initiations;
  • experiencing a deeper personal relationship with God through the study of seventeen years of discourses;
  • getting out of karmic debt and achieving personal liberation in this lifetime.

To learn more about the spiritual benefits that come with membership, visit Eckankar Membership.

As a chela [student] of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, I have experienced more love and beauty and understanding of life on every level—physical, mental, and spiritual—than I could ever have dreamed of. . . .

The works of ECK have given me the opportunity to experience God directly, in this lifetime. . . .

They have changed my conscious view of life and of myself, deeply and profoundly, and have made me a better person, better father, husband, employee, and member of my community.

—ECK Member

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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