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Eckankar: Sri Harold Klemp
Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master answers your questions about life, ECK, and your dreams.

    How do the ECK youth take a leadership role in the face of views that we're inexperienced, underdeveloped, or naive—without coming across as self-righteous?

    —Bruce, written at age 23
  New York

Dear Bruce,

    Do the ECK youth leaders really accept the idea that they are inexperienced, underdeveloped, or naive?  That would lead to hopeless stagnation.  Yes, it is true that we are all cubs, greenhorns, or rookies while first learning something new.  That's life.

    Does a high-school basketball coach put a raw freshman on the A-team simply because the new kid thinks he belongs there?  Why shouldn't he earn his place on the team, like everyone else?

    How does the flutist get to play first flute?  She earns it, doesn't she?

    All this agrees with the ECK teachings.  Experience will earn us a place of honor among the Vairagi Adepts, but only if we master the lessons in all sides of life.  Some people never seem to learn, and for them it takes longer.

    Leadership means a strong sense of responsibility.  It is a commitment to seeing a project through to the bitter end, no matter what the odds.  Some people are natural leaders and thrive on those challenges, but the rest of us can learn.

    To sum up, we must prove our worth, both here on earth and in heaven.  That's what makes life so interesting.


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Excerpted from the Summer 1987 Letter of Light by Harold Klemp, copyright © 1987 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.
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