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Questions for the Master . . .

Eckankar: Sri Harold Klemp
Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master answers your questions about life, ECK, and your dreams.

    Do you shift in and out of the Mahanta Consciousness? And if you do, are you aware of when you are working from there or not?

    —Anne-Marie, written at age 25
  New York

Dear Anne-Marie,

    I am aware of the ECK in, around, and through me always.  There is never a moment that I am not aware of Its love and presence.

    It envelops my being.  I am aware of that every minute and am truly grateful to It for the gift of life.  The ECK is my heartbeat.  It abides in me, flows through me, giving Its blessings to all, whether or not they accept or believe It.  It lets me see the goodness in people, though it often hides far beneath the surface.

    ECK is life; It is love.  That's why I try to show others their own way to It.

    And one request of you: Please reach out to your friends and classmates who are ready for ECK and Its teachings of Light, Love, and eternal Sound.


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Excerpted from the Spring 1988 Letter of Light by Harold Klemp, copyright © 1988 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.
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