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    Do certain types of music affect people negatively; and if so, how?

    —Ann-Marie, written at age 23
  New York

Dear Ann-Marie,

    Let's say this: The music you like tells a lot about you.  Some music is uplifting, while other music is not.  Certain music is harsh, yet that does not mean it is not music.  Take, for example, the music of the Chinese, Japanese, or Indian people.  It may hurt the ears of many people in the West, as does bagpipe music.  Yet it is the choice of millions.  So what is negative music?

    Usually, it is music not to our liking.

    Music can break up thought forms in society.  For example, look at the music of Elvis Presley and the Beatles.  At first, the media made fun of it.  That soon changed.

    Teens' music is sure to offend parents, and vice versa.  Music, like anything else, becomes very negative when we try to push our tastes off on others—like blaring our music in public.  An ECKist has a high regard for the rights of others.

    And yes, many people do serious harm to their ears by playing music too loudly through headsets.  That is a very negative side of music—though of volume and not of kind.


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Excerpted from the Spring 1992 Letter of Light by Harold Klemp, copyright © 1992 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.
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