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Eckankar: Sri Harold Klemp
Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master answers your questions about life, ECK, and your dreams.

    Sometimes when I am dreaming, I wake up to find I am still dreaming.  And I wake up again to find myself waking up in yet another dream.  I have counted as many as fifteen or twenty of these awakenings before I am awake on the outer.  What is this experience?

    —Melissa, written at age 25
  Ontario, Canada

Dear Melissa,

    This is an excellent sign of your spiritual growth.

    Soul can run a number of bodies at one time.  For instance, the Astral Plane has about 150 distinct levels, or heavens, in it; Soul may materialize a body in any number of those subplanes.  The Causal Plane is described as having many more levels than that.  Therefore, in the Soul body, you may actually run twenty or more bodies at once in the other worlds.

    During the process of waking up, Soul is returning from these far places and you may momentarily remember each of your inner bodies in turn.  By the time you wake up here, your attention is completely nested in your physical body again for everyday life at school, work, or home.

    The multiple awakenings show your developing growth in the worlds of God.  You've made a good start in ECK.


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Excerpted from the Spring 1988 Letter of Light by Harold Klemp, copyright © 1988 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.
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