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Eckankar: Sri Harold Klemp
Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master answers your questions about life, ECK, and your dreams.

    How can I be sure of which spiritual experiences should not be discussed?

Dear Soul,

   The way of ECK is one of experience.  Use the trial-and-error method to see which inner experiences are too sacred for public discussion.

    Keep track of your inner experiences for a given period of time and talk of them to your usual confidants.  What happens is that the Mahanta begins to shut down the individual's memory of the secret teachings that are given to him.  Within a month or two, you will become aware that the golden hand of the Mahanta's love and protection has been withdrawn.  You will feel empty and alone.

    When you are convinced of the emptiness that comes of giving the secret teachings of the Mahanta to those who have no right to them, then make it a practice to keep all the inner happenings to yourself.  It will take one to two months before the channel to the ECK will open you to the secret teachings again.

    This experiment can be done as often as proof is needed that the secret instructions of the Mahanta are for you alone.  Finally, one's self-discipline becomes such that he tells no one but the Master anything, because the penalty of living without the love and protection of the Mahanta is not worth the trouble.


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Excerpted from the Spring 1986 Letter of Light by Harold Klemp, copyright © 1986 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.
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