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The ECK Rite of Passage

    One of the Four ECK Celebrations of Life, this ceremony is for youth on the threshold of becoming adults, at about age thirteen. It celebrates a personal commitment to the ECK teachings, to accepting the presence of the Mahanta, and to becoming more aware of one's true spiritual nature.

—A Cosmic Sea of Words: The ECKANKAR Lexicon

Eckankar: ECK Rite of Passage in Montreal, Canada

The ECK Rite of Passage
S. S., written at age 23

    The water bubbled from the fountain in Old Montreal. The steady roar was like the Sound of the ECK. Bagpipes played as friends and loved ones gathered to celebrate and witness an ECK Rite of Passage.

    "The ECK Rite of Passage marks the transition from childhood to the threshold of adulthood in the ECK community," the officiator said. The words reverberated inside me, sending shivers up my spine.

    As the ceremony began, the sun broke through the clouds like the Light of God and reflected off the water of the fountain.

    The rite of passage is a special ceremony. In one part of the ceremony the opportunity to make a personal statement allows the youth to express their love for the ECK and the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and their gratitude for life. This individual declaration may also serve as a spiritual reminder of one's true mission in life.

    As stated in the The ECK Rite of Passage, "Love is all there is. It is the beginning and end of life. Ask the Mahanta to guide you in the ways of the SUGMAD's (God's) love, and life will bring you every experience needed. . . . In time, divine love will take you to the top of the spiritual mountain. There, you will experience the wonders of Self- and God-Realization in the proper seasons of your life. And, in the end, you will love God completely." The words awakened, haunted, and stirred me.

    The water still bubbled from the fountain, but somehow life seemed different.  What was this new feeling? What was this subtle change? As I became still and dwelled in the silence inside myself, I could feel something deep in my heart: The burning love of God.

    As I felt this love, I knew that no matter what trials life might have for me, as Soul I could always journey to this time and place and dwell within the loving heart where Soul communicates with God. Like the hand symbolically passing through the fire in the ECK Rite of Passage ceremony, I too can pass through the difficult times in life on this path home to God.


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Excerpted from the October 1996 Letter of Light,
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