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Families in ECK

Children have the wisdom of God and are closer to it than many people who have spent years in this world gaining all kinds of knowledge about the nature of religion. Children have it naturally.

Sri Harold Klemp,
The Secret of Love

Eckankar: young child and mother enjoying youth activity

Spiritual leader and author Harold Klemp once told this touching story of a four-year-old child. She asked to be alone in the nursery for a moment with her newborn sibling. The parents agreed but switched on the nursery intercom just to be safe. What they heard moved them deeply. The older sister gently leaned over the newborn and whispered, almost like a prayer, "Baby, help me remember what God is like. I'm beginning to forget."
See the entire story in video.

You can preserve this special connection with God before the pressures of society cause your child to forget.

When children ask about God, they want facts.

By the time most children reach elementary school, they have asked their parents about God. Children look for spiritual meaning and, like adults, search for the cause behind all causes.

When your child asks about God, how will you answer?

With the same spiritual answers that you've outgrown or rejected? Children often speak about their invisible friends. Could they be referring to a guardian angel or an inner spiritual guide? When they are frightened by nightmares or talk about when they were big, could they be recalling something important from a past life?

Most children who remember their past lives do so during the ordinary waking state. Others, however, have dreams or nightmares which reflect scenes from their past lives.

Your children need support and answers that make sense. Listen carefully to their questions. They might help you understand more about God.

Millions of families today are looking for a spiritual home.

Some find solace in the religion they grew up with. Others are still searching. You may be among them.

Eckankar offers families spiritual support to handle the pressures in society and at school. Eckankar offers your family spiritual values based on God's love instead of fear and guilt.

The ancient wisdom contained in Eckankar's teachings can make the job of being a parent easier. For instance:

  • Each member of your family is Soul, a divine spark of God. This understanding helps you respect your child's individuality. Seeing that spark of God helps a family have greater compassion and love for each other.
  • God speaks to each person through the Light and Sound in subtle and sometimes dramatic ways. Learning to listen to the Voice of God can help you live with greater confidence and less fear.
  • When family members share a clearer knowledge of the spiritual laws taught in Eckankar, such as the Law of Cause and Effect (karma), self-discipline and self-responsibility make more sense. You and your family can learn together how to take charge of your lives, start to release negative habits, and learn to relate to each other in more loving and respectful ways.
  • Eckankar's spiritual exercises help all family members become better problem solvers through creative imagination and direct contact with God.

Youth Study Programs and Resources

Eckankar has a total of fifteen youth study books (available at the Eckankar Online Bookstore) for ages five through seventeen, as well as story and coloring books and audio recordings. To find out about available classes and activities for individuals, families, and youth in your area, go to Eckankar around the World or check your phone book under Eckankar.

Or visit Youth in ECK (opens in a new window), a Web site by and for ECK youth.

Special Events for Families

Also, visit Upcoming Seminars on this Web site for listings of major and regional Eckankar seminars around the world. There may be one near you which offers special programs and activities for children, youth, and families.

Eckankar features exciting programs for all members of your family, to help them retain or recapture their natural connection with God.

Would You Like to Know More?

For information on how your family can take the next step on its spiritual journey, see Eckankar Membership. Or contact us.

When your child asks about God, it can be a chance for your family to explore new levels of spiritual truth. Experience it for yourself!

Video . . .

Short talk by Harold Klemp on: A Child's Memory of God
(3 min., 9 sec.)


Youth Video: Just Sing HU!
(3 min., 58 sec.)
Young people share their love of the HU Song.
(Created by ECK youth)

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