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What Is Eckankar?—Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

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Dreams: A Source of Inner Truth

Tips and Techniques for Dream Study

Eckankar Art: Aquarium Daydream by Valerie Mortensen

Dreams are a direct line to the sea of our hidden life, much like a fishing line dropped from a small boat into a bottomless sea.

Dreams are a spiritual tool of the Holy Spirit to help you find your way to God. Take advantage of this help. There is so much more to life than you'll ever find in something so small as a rowboat, or as narrow as the human state of consciousness.

Read the spiritual exercises that follow (see the jump links » at right for a list of exercises). Then choose for practice the one with most appeal to you. Later, do the same with each of the other exercises.

Technique: The Golden Cup

Every evening at bedtime visualize a golden cup by your bed. Its beverage is your dreams. When you first awaken, in a morning contemplation, drink from this cup in your imagination. You are drinking in the night's experiences. It is a conscious way of saying, I wish to recall my night's activities on the inner planes while my body slept.

The golden cup is Soul; it is you. You are one and the same.

As you get in the habit of drinking from this cup, this practice takes on a life of its own. The more the ECK refills this cup, the more Soul (you) shines of Its own golden light. You become an ever brighter instrument for the Holy Spirit.

Your conscious experiences, day and night, will lead to a greater understanding of your place in the spiritual order of life.

Tip: Your Dream Dictionary

Create a dream dictionary. It can help you become familiar with your own dream symbols. Whether a baseball diamond, a bear, an eagle, a car, the police, a person, or anything else, you'll catch on to a pattern and learn what a given symbol means for you.

In a section near the back of your dream journal, or in a separate notebook, keep a list of symbols that appear in your dreams. Add to this dream dictionary of symbols. Log the date next to the meaning you see in each symbol. That allows a way to keep track of changes, as the meaning may shift in time. Allow room for additions.

As you unfold, your dream symbols will spread to new dimensions, a fact unknown to most people who study dreams.

Exercise: How to Get Answers in Your Dreams

At some level, Soul knows all things. If there is something that you'd like to bring down to your day-to-day, waking consciousness, here is a way to go about it.

Before you go to sleep, relax and decide that upon awakening you will have the answer to whatever question is on your mind. The matter should be of a spiritual nature.

By morning, expect to have the answer in mind.

This is how the process works. At the moment of slipping from the sleep state to the waking, your heart is still open to the night's dream lesson. It is truth, and you are in direct contact with it. At this moment of waking, your answer is within your reach.

Jot down a quick note of the solution in your dream journal. Do it now. Otherwise the answer is lost.

A solution exists for every challenge to our peace of mind. There is always a way, somehow. What holds us back from happiness is our lack of faith in the mighty power of the Holy Spirit to address our most humble needs.

Learn the value of doing a spiritual exercise before bedtime or upon rising. These times work to your advantage while you pursue the expansion of conscious awareness in your dreams.

Excerpted from The Art of Spiritual Dreaming by Harold Klemp, copyright © 1999 Eckankar, and from Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel by Harold Klemp, copyright © 2003 Eckankar. All rights reserved.

Eckankar, Religion of the Light and Sound of God
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