What are the spiritual benefits of the monthly report, and what should I write?
In his book Karmabusters, Sri Harold gives loving, vital guidance to Second Initiates and above on how to get the most from writing an initiate report.
  • Help with Karma: see pages 7–12.
  • What to Write: see pages 13–20.
  • More Gifts from Initiate Reports: see pages 23–26.
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Not directly. But before clicking the Send button, you can copy and paste your letter to a new document in your word processor. Then it's yours to save or print. Back to top.
Yes—after two hours the page will time out, and your work will be lost. Back to top.
Yes—it's best to copy your letter and save it to a file if you have to log out before sending. Back to top.
Yes, but you will need to include them with your letter in a file that you upload. You cannot copy images into the letter box. Back to top.
After the successful send of either a file or typed letter, you will see a thank-you page as confirmation. Back to top.
You can upload your letter in .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, or .pdf file formats. Back to top.
Yes, your letter will be transmitted securely via an encryption process. Back to top.
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