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Can you please tell me how life on earth began? If it came from another planet, how did it begin there? If God created life, how did It do it?


Believe it or not, people of all faiths have asked this question in one form or another ever since the dawn of history. All religions have their own answers.

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One, of the ECK scriptures might sound like tough reading for a young person, but I think you’re old enough to handle it. Read two parts.

First, read the first two pages of chapter 1, “The ECK—The Divine Voice of Sugmad.” That’s to get a sense of how creation began.

Second, read chapter 3, “The Doctrine of the ECK Marg.” It gives most of the details about how life began on earth. I hope you follow through on this. It is a fascinating study.

At night, please be sure to watch your dreams. Often they fill in some of the details not recorded in The Shariyat.

(from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God, pp. 192–93)

Who was the first person, and how did that person get here?

The first person had no name. Speech, of course, had not developed yet, because names are like labels that people create to call one and not another. So, speech takes people, more than one. Even more than two or three or four, or so.

It took a long time before people dreamed up names.

How did the first person get here?

To get to the answer, we ask, “So how did the first two people, or more, come into bodies in the high Mental Plane?” (Everything here comes in twos.) They materialized. It was a bit like on the TV show Star Trek, where explorers in spaceships beam down to a planet.

They just seem to appear as if by magic. Yet there are laws of science at work that allow for an orderly transfer of the atoms that make up a human body.

That’s to say, people today have a lot to learn about the laws of science. But the knowledge is growing by tiny steps.

The first people on each plane were created by the Holy Spirit, the ECK, through the arts and sciences of spiritual workers on the plane above. So people on the Astral Plane had the responsibility of seeing to the ways and means of transferring Astral Plane people to the Physical Plane.

What means did they use?

Here, I must direct you to The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One. Read chapter 3, “The Doctrine of the ECK Marg.”

This chapter gives the background for mankind’s development on earth. It does not say the actual way the first couples got here. You can make that connection yourself. People’s consciousness, helped by TV and movie space-travel shows, is now ready to see one way that the first people came to earth.

Our scientists run all over the globe in a search for the oldest human fossils. They want to know the age of humans. Once they learn that, they hope to tackle the big question: How did the first human come to be?

The answer would shake the main religions to the core.

Way back, there was no earth, no creation. But Sugmad (God) wanted a place to educate Souls, so the ECK (the Word of God) began to create things. It did so by changing the vibrations of Light and Sound in a certain region. That area became the lower worlds.

First was the Light and Sound of God. Then, at a lower step of vibration, came the gases. Eons of time later, liquids and solid matter began to form: the building blocks of lower creation. The Etheric Plane was the first plane to appear, then the Mental Plane. Much later came this Physical Plane.

Galaxies and planets were the first to form on each plane, and then the ECK began to experiment with life-forms. On earth, these included the dinosaurs.

In the meantime, the ECK had evolved higher life-forms, like humans, on the Etheric Plane. They began to seed the planets there by establishing colonies of mind travelers, who could move from place to place without slow, clumsy spacecraft.

Those people pushed back the frontiers of space, even as our astronauts do today. With colonies all throughout the Etheric Plane, the early ECK Masters began to open a new frontier: travel between the Etheric and Mental dimensions. So the seeding of colonies now began on the Mental Plane.

Visitors from space seeded Earth with the first colonies. There was no first man or woman. A spaceship brought a small group of people here to start a colony. Then somewhere down the line came you.

Someday, and not too far off, knowledge of this seeding of the planets will be common knowledge among people of higher spiritual awareness.

(from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God, pp. 193–95)

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