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Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

Soul Travel

Soul Travel transcends astral or mind travel, and rote prayer, elevating one into profound spiritual areas. Whenever Soul reaches the far orbits of the inner planes through Soul Travel, the human heart opens to God's all-consuming love.

Harold Klemp,
Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

What Is Soul Travel?

Eckankar art: Out of the Blue, by Dawn Meader

In the simplest terms, Soul Travel is an individual moving closer to the heart of God. This movement takes a variety of forms.

One form is the sensation of fast movement of the Soul body through the planes of time and space. In reality, though, is such movement possible?

Soul exists on all planes, so what feels like movement, or travel, is simply Soul coming into an agreement with fixed states and conditions that already exist in some world of time and space.

A contemplative may hear a rushing sound, like a wailing wind in a tunnel, along with a sensation of incredible speed. But as explained, Soul doesn't move; Soul is. Time and space adjust to Soul's state of consciousness, and it is this adjustment of time and space that renders an illusion of movement or breathtaking speed.

Soul Travel is for the bold and courageous in spirit. But remember, since one doesn't in fact travel anywhere, it's impossible to get lost.

Keep that principle in mind during a spiritual exercise. It will lend the confidence to open your heart to love and so delight in any enlightenment that finds you.

Expansion of Consciousness

Another form of Soul Travel is the expansion of consciousness. This aspect is the true state of personal revelation or enlightenment. It visits both the timid and the bold and is a gentler, less robust version of movement in consciousness. Most people experience this sort of gradual shifting of awareness.

Love and wonder define Soul Travel the best.

Here are true-life stories of people who experienced:

Traveling in the Light and Sound of God

An old misunderstanding about Soul Travel is that it is nothing more than a simple occult projection out of the body, into the Astral Plane. Yet Soul Travel is an all-inclusive skill. It goes well beyond the Astral Plane and into the Causal, Mental, and Etheric planes. Then, right on to the Soul Plane.

Soul Travel is thus a modern way to speak of Soul on Its journey home to God.

Several phases one may expect in ECK include dreams, visions, Soul Travel, the ECKshar consciousness, and God Consciousness. Each of these facets reflects a magnification of God's Light and Sound for the traveler.

A Soul Travel Tip

The Difference between Soul Travel and Psychic Techniques

Dreams and visions are a fascinating subject. Yet an ECKist finds that Soul Travel probes a lot deeper into the riddle of life than do any astral or mental projections.

Hence his goal is total awareness, and he puts away the toys of psychic phenomena.

Excerpted from Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel by Harold Klemp, copyright © 2003 Eckankar. All rights reserved.

For more spiritual techniques, go to Tips and Techniques for Soul Travel.

Discover Your Spirituality

Spiritual experiences are not the privilege of a select few. With self-discipline and commitment you can build your own foundation of spirituality. If you wish to pursue this study further, you will find numerous exercises described in Eckankar books and tapes in the Eckankar Online Bookstore.

Membership in Eckankar takes you one step further. Members receive study discourses written by the spiritual leader of Eckankar, Sri Harold Klemp. As the Living ECK Master, his mission is to help people gain inner freedom, wisdom, and love through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

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Tips and Techniques

Here are some tips to help you learn Soul Travel.


Personal Experiences

A Spiritual Ecstasy

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