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What Is Eckankar?—Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

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Soul Travel

Try Soul Travel for Yourself, Using These Techniques and Spiritual Exercises

Soul Travel means moving into the higher realms of God, to places people haven't yet dreamed of. Soul Travel reveals a majesty and security that abounds in the arms of God alone.

—Harold Klemp
Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

An individual may read all the books on faith and spirituality in a metropolitan library, but reading nets him nothing in the God Worlds. Only experience goes beyond the detours and dead ends of life. Only experience reveals the correct road to the realm of the All.

Read the Soul Travel exercises that follow (see the jump links » at right for a list of exercises). Then choose for practice the one with most appeal to you. Later, do the same with each of the other exercises.

Technique: A Gateway to Soul Travel

If you want to learn Soul Travel, do this technique tonight. Before sleep, shut your eyes and place your attention on the Spiritual Eye. It's right above and between the eyebrows.

Then sing HU. Fill your heart, mind, and body with warm love.

This feeling of love grants the confidence to venture into some new, unexplored area of your spiritual being. A way to fill yourself with love is to call up a warm, comfy memory, like a child's hug or a mate's kiss.

Just so the feeling warms your heart with deep love.

Now, eyes still shut, look into the Spiritual Eye for the holy person who is your ideal, whether Christ or an ECK Master. In a gentle voice say, "I give you permission to take me to the best place for my spiritual good."

Then chant HU, God, or some other holy word.

Next, see yourself in a familiar place, like a special room in your home. Be assured that the guide who comes is a dear, long-standing friend.

Do this session five or six times over as many days.

Getting Back In

New Soul Travelers sometimes worry about getting back into the physical body. That's the easy part. Soul is like a ball at the end of a rubber band, for It snaps right back in the moment the individual loses his focus.

Exercise: The Blue Curtain of God

The first part of this spiritual exercise is to awaken the seeing power of Soul.

Find a time to sit or lie down for ten to twenty minutes when you will not be disturbed. Shut your eyes, but imagine a dark blue curtain on the wall before you. The first few days, expect to see only the rich blue curtain. Later, some color of the Light of God will shine from it.

The second part of this exercise is to sharpen your spiritual hearing.

While looking at the blue curtain, begin to sing the word HU (pronounced like the word hue), an old name for God that saints have praised for thousands of years. After a few minutes, sing HU within yourself, making no audible sound. Continue a few minutes, then stop.

Sit quietly. Keep gazing at the royal blue curtain before you. Listen to every sound, including those that come in from outside. Among them may be a true Sound, one from the ECK, the Holy Spirit.

One more thing: Throughout this short exercise, fill your heart with love for God.

Extra: To learn more about HU, visit HU: A Love Song to God

Exercise: Imaginative Technique

Soul Travel may occur in two general ways.

One form is the apparent movement of the Soul body through the planes of time and space. It is not, in fact, movement; Soul already exists on all planes. The appearance of movement, or travel, is simply the fixed states and conditions of the lower worlds coming into agreement with Soul.

That's the long and short of Soul Travel.

Let's introduce you to a prime imaginative technique for Soul Travel. Imagine a scene, and you can be there in the Soul body in the wink of an eye. It may feel like a fast trip through space, and thus the idea of travel. However, Soul Travel is the process of changing the imagined setting around you to agree with spiritual reality.

To do this imaginative technique, take a scene from your storehouse of memories and try to change some activity in it. For example, imagine the sea lashing at a beach. Now imagine the turbulent waters turning still, like water in a glass. Try this technique on other mental pictures. Change a grazing horse into a running horse, and so on.

When you do this technique, you may sometime notice the faint sensation of a rushing sound, like wind whistling in a tunnel. Again, there may be that sensation of fast movement.

However, all is as it should be.

Continue with the imaginative experiment, and sooner or later you'll find yourself in the mental picture of your creation, or in some other new one.

Have fun with this spiritual experiment.

Tip: Traveling with a Guide

When venturing into new lands, it's nice to have a guide!

Seekers in ages past discovered and followed a teacher who could guide them beyond the spiritual limitations of body and mind. Countless others, including many saints, have mastered the art and science of Soul Travel.

It is in your hands to become adept at it too.

To learn about a modern-day adept who can assist you with your Soul Travel explorations, meet Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

Excerpted from Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel by Harold Klemp, copyright © 2003 Eckankar. All rights reserved.

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