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The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

How do you tune in in ECK?

With the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. That's our form of prayer. It's a form of contemplation where we don't try to tell God what to do. We listen to hear what God's Voice is saying to us.

Harold Klemp,
How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times

A Spiritual Treasure

Eckankar teaches simple spiritual exercises to experience the Light and Sound of God.

These exercises also help us Soul Travel, to move into greater states of consciousness. People of any faith can use Eckankar's spiritual exercises to find answers to their questions about this life and the afterlife.

Spiritual exercises are a "treasure whose value we might overlook because of their simplicity. But they are your lifeline to the Word of God," says Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar.

A spiritual exercise can be as simple as relaxing and singing the word HU, an ancient name for God. As we practice these spiritual exercises, we learn to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We learn that each of us is Soul, a spark of God sent to this world to gain spiritual experience.

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK by Harold Klemp

Eckankar: The Spiritual Exercises of ECK book by Harold Klemp

Just as physical exercise helps you build physical vitality, spiritual exercises help you build spiritual vitality. This incredible little book is a staircase with 131 steps. It's a very special staircase because you don't have to climb all 131 steps to get to the top. And what awaits you there? The doorway to spiritual freedom, self-mastery, wisdom, and love.

Each step is a spiritual exercise. As you climb these steps, you will discover exercises to:

  • Solve problems
  • Master your fate
  • Achieve self-discipline
  • Meet with the Inner Master
  • Dream consciously
  • Protect yourself spiritually
  • Achieve balance and harmony
  • Soul Travel into the splendorous worlds of God

These exercises are simple and straightforward. Described briefly, often in less than a page each, they will lead to greater awareness of your life and its divine meaning. You can expect gradual changes in your outlook on life over a period of weeks or months.

To try a spiritual exercise from the book, go to Spiritual Exercise of the Week.

You can request your copy of The Spiritual Exercises of ECK online at the Eckankar Online Bookstore. You may also find it in other online or local bookstores.

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK
(large paperback, 309 pages)
Refer to ISBN 1-57043-001-2 when requesting from an online or local bookstore.

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Short talks by Harold Klemp on:

Finding the Source of All Truth
(1 min., 35 sec.)

Getting Spiritual Freedom
(1 min., 52 sec.)


Spiritual Exercise of the Week

Each week a new spiritual exercise is posted for you to try. Visit and bookmark Spiritual Exercise of the Week.

Eckankar: A spiritual exercise in the Light and Sound of God by Signy Cohen

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Read a short article by Harold Klemp on the benefits of daily spiritual exercises.

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