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What if, as a child, you forgot your special word? How do you find another one? And why are they so important? Isn’t HU good enough? Also, what do you do if spiritual exercises just don’t work or have the same effect as they used to or if concentration is nearly impossible for some reason? And why does this happen?



Dear Melody,

Lots of questions. All are answered elsewhere in the ECK teachings. But here’s a short version:

How to find another special word?

The answer is in your contemplations. In some way, at some time, the Mahanta will give it to you either in a dream, by intuition, or in your waking outer life. Be open to all possible words. Try one new one at a time during each spiritual exercise.

And by all means, flip through A Cosmic Sea of Words: The ECKANKAR Lexicon for new ideas. When a word stands out, experiment with it.

Yes, HU is good enough.

All sounds and, indeed, all words derive from it. A special word gives a focus to some particular aspect of your spiritual unfoldment. For example, walking is a good general exercise. But if you’d like to develop more grace, a rhythmic dance would serve you better.

No spiritual exercise will always work the way it used to.

Things change. After all, isn’t change the very nature of life? Nothing is ever the same. A lesson learned early or late in the ECK teachings is that Soul can go in one of three ways in any stage of Its spiritual unfoldment. It can move forward, backward, or stand still. That’s it.

Why is concentration nearly impossible at times?

Here individuals must look at their own discipline. The mind is a restless creation, like a disobedient or destructive child. Soul, like a good parent, must bring it into line. And the sooner the better. The longer a bad habit is allowed free rein, the more unruly it becomes.

Your questions, Melody, are good ones. I hope these answers give you a better spiritual understanding.

(from January 1999 Letter of Light)

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