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Dear Mahanta,

I have a question and I would love for you to answer it. This is my question: How do I overcome my fear of swimming or water with the help of the Mahanta?

I have gone for swimming lessons in Singapore with three different instructors, but I dropped out because of my fear. Now in New Zealand, I have decided to take up swimming lessons again, and I will try not to drop out because of my fear.

—Hirman, at age 12,
New Zealand


Dear Hirman,

Our fears may look foolish to others; theirs, in turn, may appear foolish to us. So where do they come from? And much more important, what can you do about them?

Most fears have their origin in a past life. For example, a fear of fire may signal a long-ago death by fire. A dislike of neckties, hanging. A dread of deep water, death by drowning. Such fears are real. Strong ones are a big stumbling block, while others may only have a small impact upon us and are merely a nuisance.

All people must face their own fears at some time, sooner or later. The ECK Masters know that, so they seldom interfere in such matters, because it would rob a chela of an important lesson needed to unfold spiritually.

Even so, the Mahanta is standing by if he sees you are sincere about overcoming your problem.

What kind of help does he offer?

It can be of many kinds, such as encouragement or providing a dream experience that saves wear and tear on your physical body. You may expect to receive tips and advice too. So stay alert.

At bedtime, open your heart to love. It is your passkey to the Master. Then go to sleep peacefully.

(from October 2008 Letter of Light)

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