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Sharing the Message of ECK
E. O., written at age 23

    One night, a friend of mine called to ask if I could braid her brother's girlfriend's hair. She really needed it done and had been let down by her regular hairdresser. I hesitated because I usually only do this for very close friends, but I agreed to braid her hair on the upcoming Thursday.

    When Thursday came, I started braiding her hair in my room where I have color portraits of Sri Harold Klemp and a few other Vairagi Masters. As we talked, religion came up. I was reluctant to discuss ECKANKAR in detail because I didn't want any tension to develop. I simply said it was the religion of the Holy Spirit and moved on. However, she kept on the subject, asking me if I believed in reincarnation.

    Then she started to tell me what she believed, and I just listened. Although she had been raised a Baptist by her mother, she believed in reincarnation and said she thought the purpose of life was to gain as much wisdom as we could. Then she said she believed that there were many different levels of worlds and that the higher you get in these spiritual worlds via wisdom, the closer you got to God.

    She also believed that little children had the ability to see into the spirit world until about the age of eight when they got closed down by the social consciousness in school. She had also had some vivid dreams, one that foretold the death of her father a week before he passed away.

    Recently she had dreamed she was in an ancient library, with very high walls, wooden floors, and many books. She said she saw her father come in and that he looked surprised to see her. As soon as she started to question where she was, she was instantly awake, back in her body. She also recognized my picture of Gopal Das, one of the ECK Masters, from a dream she had three years ago!

    She had never heard of ECKANKAR in this lifetime, but from her words I knew she would be interested. I was very excited. I taught her to sing HU and gave her a copy of ECKANKAR—Ancient Wisdom for Today as we continued our discussion.

    She was really happy. She said that this was the first time in her life that all her questions had been answered and that she had found a foundation for what she has always believed! She now wants me to mail her the monthly calendar of ECK events so she can meet more people who share her beliefs.

    The ECK works in mysterious ways. I am so grateful and humbled by this experience!

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Excerpted from the July 1998 Letter of Light, copyright © 1998 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.