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Just for Love
J. P., written at age 19

        I was walking home with a group of friends early one morning.  As college students, and it being the weekend, we had been out late dancing and enjoying ourselves.

    One friend was complaining about how she had to go to her early church service.

    I suggested that she go to a later service, but she said that the later service would be in French.  My friend spoke English, not French.

    I told her that I didn't think it made a difference, because it was all about love.

    She said that in her religion it was believed that true worship had to be in your own tongue.  I respected her belief.

    We had taken only a few steps, when I saw on the ground just to my left the word LOVE in huge letters.  Now, we were walking in the middle of Madrid, a primarily Spanish-speaking country, and here right in my path were the letters L-O-V-E written in English!

    I pointed it out to my friends, but they shrugged it off.

    When I got home the phone rang.  It was some ECK friends calling from the 1999 ECK Worldwide Seminar in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They just wanted to talk, since I was unable to attend the seminar.

    In the course of our conversation one of my friends in Minnesota mentioned that the title of Sri Harold's talk that evening had been "The Law of Love."

    Immediately the power of the experience hit me.  In wave upon wave, I was overcome by the presence of the Mahanta and his love for me.  It's a love so strong that no distance, time, or space could keep it from me.  It could even remind me with the word love in the middle of a street in Spain, in English.  Just for me, because God loves me.

    In that seminar talk Sri Harold said, "There are many different aspects to Eckankar.... But the thing that binds this all together is love.  And it all starts with: you exist because God loved you, and God loves you."

    I accepted where I was and rested in the knowing that it was where I needed to be.

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Excerpted from the April 2000 Letter of Light, copyright © 2000  ECKANKAR. All rights reserved.