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How can I tell the difference between a spiritual experience and my imagination?


Even though I do my spiritual exercises regularly I’m not having any experiences. Can you please help me to have an experience?


What if I forget my special word? How do you find another one? And why are they so important?


What really is Soul Travel?


How can I learn to remember my dreams?



How do you stay detached in a world where so many negative events occur on a regular basis?


Why do people bully other people? What can I do about it?


I want to be social and hang out with friends, but what do I do when everyone only wants to drink and smoke? How do I stay on my path without isolating myself?


How do social media, texting, and listening to music on a device affect an ECKist?


What is suicide all about? Why do people do it? And how can I be a vehicle for the Light and Sound for others?


What can I do to relieve the stress I feel? What is stress really?



How can I learn to control my anger and manage my short temper?


How do I overcome my fear of swimming and water with the help of the Mahanta?


I have always been afraid of making mistakes. I can’t seem to let go of this attitude. Can you help?


I’m scared when I’m alone. How can I see and feel the presence of the Mahanta?



I want to know how the Mahanta can become the ECK Itself. Is the ECK a spiritual energy similar to bioelectric energy?


Eckankar says there has been a continuous line of ECK Masters for six million years on earth. Now we have the 973rd Living ECK Master. This means that each ECK Master would have had to live an average of six thousand years. Can you please tell me where I have gone wrong in my calculations, or how this could be?


How do you know what Sugmad (God) looks like?


How did life on earth begin?


I have heard that other people meet other ECK Masters in the physical. Is that really possible? And if so, how does that work? Where do they get a body from? And how can I meet one of these Masters?


How do you become an ECK Master?


Is a rock also Soul?



What is the secret of love?


How can I find the benefit and purpose of having negative individuals in my life?


Is there a difference between dating a person on my spiritual path and someone who is not?


Growing up in Eckankar, I learned to love and view all people as Soul. Why do my parents object to my interracial relationship?


I would like to know the implications of homosexuality from the spiritual viewpoint. I wonder if homosexuality affects spiritual unfoldment.



How do I learn to truly love myself and build self-esteem?


How can love be with me? This question is difficult for me because sometimes I feel sad. Happiness just seems to run out, and happiness is love.


How can we be happy when we have difficult experiences in our life?



I am proud to be an ECKist, but it is hard to tell my friends I am an ECKist. Is it normal to feel this way?


When people ask, “What is Eckankar?” what do I say?


How can I simply explain the Mahanta to my non-ECKist peers?


I live in the Bible Belt. I don’t feel good when new people move into the neighborhood and ask if I’m Christian. When I say no, they don’t ask me to play. Please help me.


I am scared that if I am open about being an ECKist it will change or affect a lot of my friendships. How do you know when to share Eckankar with non-ECKists and not scare them? Or give them too much?


How can I be free spiritually? And how can I spread the ECK and the HU easily?



In Eckankar we always ask the Mahanta or ECK Masters for guidance. Why don’t we direct our questions to God?


Who do you listen to if your inner guidance tells you that something is all right for you to do, but your parent or someone else deserving of respect tells you that you may not?


How do you know when the Mahanta is giving you advice or if it is the Kal Niranjan?


What’s the best way to work on the inner to get answers to spiritual questions?

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