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Advanced Spiritual Study as a Next Step on the Road Home to God

Eckankar: Journey to the heart of God

Experience the miracle of spiritual growth

A true spiritual teaching makes a link between God and you. And it provides a guide to help make your journey as easy and direct as possible.

Eckankar has an inner and outer living guide. He has made the journey into the heart of God but has returned to help us on our way to Self-Realization and, ultimately, God-Realization. This guide is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

The next step on your spiritual journey can be linking up with him through membership in Eckankar. You will then experience the awesome miracle of advanced spiritual growth—a life of joy, meaning, and creativity.

Eckankar: ECKists come from all walks of life.

Who are the members of Eckankar?

Members of Eckankar (ECKists) come from all walks of life. ECKists are homemakers, businesspeople, and retirees. They are professionals, educators, scientists, and farmers. They come from all age-groups, all races and nationalities, and all religious backgrounds.

Like most people, ECKists have families, careers, and daily struggles. They live a life of joyful participation in the mainstream of society.

ECKists know they're responsible for their own experiences in life. They know tomorrow is the result of today's thoughts, feelings, and actions. They also know that giving love and service to their family and community is one way to increase their understanding of God's love.

More about membership in Eckankar:

Spiritual Benefits—Reach your highest spiritual potential. See the bigger picture of life. Explore the many facets of divine truth.

Discourses—Take the next step on your spiritual journey. Study at home or in classes.

Initiations—Climb the stairway to spiritual freedom through the ECK initiations—the direct link between Soul and Divine Spirit.

ECK Activities—Introductory presentations, ECK Light and Sound Services, book discussion classes, seminars, spiritual fellowship.

Membership Facts—Individual and family memberships, publications, youth study.

Online Eckankar Membership Application—Sign up to be a member.

An Invitation to ECK Satsang Class

Video . . .

Eckankar: Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master

Short talks by Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master on:

How Advanced Study Makes a Difference
(1 min., 9 sec.)

The ECK Mystery School
(1 min., 16 sec.)

I've been in Eckankar for five and a half years, and I am extremely happy with your writings and discourses. Each month I am touched at a deeper level.

—Pennsylvania, USA

The Path of Spiritual Freedom
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