What Is Soul Travel?

Soul Travel is a shift in awareness, a change in consciousness, moving closer to God.

Although in truth, Soul doesn’t actually “go” anywhere, Soul Travel describes the experience of accepting greater states of being.

Broadening your viewpoint from even higher vantage points brings upliftment, problem-solving skills, and endless opportunity for spiritual adventure.

A close cousin to dreaming, Soul Travel is a natural ability.

A bald eagle flying
I had my first conscious Soul Travel experience with the Light and Sound. I felt such peace and joy there are no words to describe it. I felt complete freedom, and the Light was so bright I felt I became the Light. I could actually feel waves of love fill my entire being.



Out-of-body and near-death experiences are forms of Soul Travel. However, you don’t need to be near death or consciously out of your body in order to benefit from Soul Travel’s transformative effect.

People who’ve experienced Soul Travel often say it happened to them spontaneously. They’d like to return to that blissful state.

Soul Travel is a spiritual practice that enables you to explore the vast inner worlds of your own being whenever and wherever you like.

Explore Higher Realities

Want to access dimensions beyond the physical world—the Astral, Causal, Mental, and Etheric Planes, and ultimately the pure worlds of God?

Through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, you can learn to raise your state of consciousness and enter into these higher planes of reality.

Each spiritual plane has corresponding sacred mantras. Chanting these during the exercises raises one’s vibrations for Soul Travel. You can then access wisdom hidden within each plane of reality.

View a Chart with These Planes and Chants
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Soul Travel transcends astral or mind travel, and rote prayer, elevating one into profound spiritual areas. Whenever Soul reaches the far orbits of the inner planes through Soul Travel, the human heart opens to God’s all-consuming love.

Sri Harold Klemp


Expand Your Life

Soul Travel is also experienced as an expansion of consciousness. It can come as a sudden out-of-the-blue awareness or solution to a problem or issue. This is you, as Soul, simply tapping into your own divine intelligence.

As your consciousness unfolds, life around and within you will fill with more love, perceptiveness, and certainty.

Soul Travel makes it possible to achieve God-Realization in this lifetime. The first step is Self-Realization—to discover who you are and your mission in this life. Upon reaching this state, you can then move into higher realms of divine service toward God-Realization—the fulfilment of Soul’s sacred quest.

Through Soul Travel I have experienced the reality of myself as Soul and have come into the unspeakable healing presence of divine love. I can lift my viewpoint above the mind and bring the attributes of Soul to bear, creatively solving problems in my life.

I am better able to live with my heart in heaven and my feet on earth—Soul bridging the two!

Make a Giant Leap in Consciousness

Eᴄᴋᴀɴᴋᴀʀ’s spiritual self-discovery courses will help you take a giant leap in consciousness through practical techniques for Soul Travel. Uncover your purpose in this world, and experience personal proof of your eternal nature.

Start Your ECK Adventure
My first conscious Soul Travel experience convinced me without a doubt that the teachings of ECK are real. It also steered my curiosity into the spiritual life. Soul Travel has helped me develop well-rounded and balanced solutions to issues. It creates harmony in my life.

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