Explore the God Worlds

The Nirat Technique

In using this technique, you will find the path to the other worlds illuminated by Soul’s own light, much like the headlights of a car, cutting through the darkness of night, illuminate the road ahead. The Nirat technique utilizes the seeing power of Soul.

Sit in silence, with the attention fixed on the Spiritual Eye. Put your attention on the Light of God, the white light within the door of the Spiritual Eye. This is the subtle gateway to the Astral world, the first door you will pass through on the way to the higher worlds.

With your attention fixed on this door, look obliquely—not directly—at whatever appears on the screen of the mind. If you look at it directly, it will disappear. But if you look at it from an angle, the image of the light will stay.

Now very softly begin to practice the zikar, the repetition of the holy names of God. Sing the word for each plane that you must pass through in order to reach the Soul region. These are Alayi (Physical Plane), Kala (Astral Plane), Mana (Causal Plane), Aum (Mental Plane), Baju (Etheric Plane), and Sᴜɢᴍᴀᴅ (Soul Plane). By these sounds you are able to lift yourself up through the corresponding planes into the Soul world.

The Light of God appears on all planes, but the light that should interest you most is the Blue Star. It will come into focus after the technique has been practiced for a certain length of time. This star represents the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Living ECK Master, who will later appear in his radiant body.

Sometimes the Master appears as a Blue Star, sometimes as a misty, pale-blue light. The star or light will lead you gently through the various planes into the Soul region. You must trust It completely, never being doubtful or hesitant about following It, nor wondering where It may lead you.

As Soul gets collected and concentrates on the Spiritual Eye, you will have some preliminary experiences of the inner sounds and sights. These occur before Soul is settled down and actually traveling in the inner worlds. You may hear sounds similar to a moving train, whistles, or stringed instruments. Then you will hear sounds like the tinkling of small bells, progressing to the ringing notes of a large bell. Following this are lights similar to the glowing of charcoal, then lightning, and finally the gigantic star.

Then you are able to see a whole starry sky. You see the Lightning and Moon Worlds, and you are ready for the ascent. You may see forms as mist, smoke, suns, fire, winds, fireflies, lightning, crystals, and moons. Your attention may be scattered at this point, but bring it back and focus again on a single point.

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