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Soul Adventure eBooklets

Vahana Pages
The Seeker Connection, Tools, Trainings.

ECKANKAR Graphics Kit

Videos for ECK Events

Sound of Soul Event Guide
(also in French)

Ways to answer seekers’ questions about ECKANKAR

What Do You Say When . . .
Sri Harold offers clear and simple ways to meet the needs of a seeker.
(also in French)

Request a Replacement of Your Initiation Slip

Request Your Second Initiation

FAQs for Spiritual Services

What Are Satsang Intensives? (also in French, German, Spanish)
All chelas are welcome to attend! For Arahatas interested in facilitating one, please contact your RESA.

Satsang Intensive Handout: Become a Light to the World (also in French)
Satsang Intensive Handout: A More Refined Energy (also in French)
Satsang Intensive Handout: Secrets of Divine Creativity (also in French)
Satsang Intensive Handout: The MAHANTA and You (also in French)
Satsang Intensive Handout: Spiritual Self-Confidence (also in French)
Satsang Intensive Handout (for Brothers of the Leaf): The True Name (also in French)
Satsang Intensive Handouts

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