A Way to Build Self-Confidence

A close up of a bald eagle head

By Sri Harold Klemp

If you should have your real strength of character marred by lack of self-confidence, use this technique to build yourself up again.

First find the spots in your aura or personal atmosphere that are self-conscious, shy, timid, or overly sensitive.  These tend to attract people who impose upon your weakness.  With a mental command, ask those people to move out of your way.  Mentally demand respectful attention.

Next build up the opposite qualities of mind and character to replace these self-conscious qualities. Fill yourself with positive courage so that the positive force you generate can actually be felt when you pass through a room.

Adopt the mental attitude and personal atmosphere of a person with great confidence. Always be direct and positive in your approach to all things. Put all your spiritual force behind your smile, your replies, and your thoughts.

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