Bringing the Future into the Present

By Sri Harold Klemp

The past, present, and future are all one. They are a continuum. The past still exists now, the future is here and now, and as is the present. They’re all mixed, back and forth, in and out.

But with the logical mind we separate the continuum of life into three separate parts: past, present, and future. And we build walls between.

In building these walls, we sometimes limit ourselves, limit the potential of what can occur through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Sometime in contemplation or in prayer, maybe as a spiritual exercise, in your mind’s eye just see a room with three distinct parts. A semicircular room where you are at the point of the room and the room curves out around you, divided into three parts. You can look into each one: past, present, and future. But there is a wall separating each of the three parts.

Dissolve those two walls between those three parts and see what happens.

Do that for a few nights before you go to sleep. Say, “I dissolve the walls that try to break life into parts.” Because from the higher state of consciousness, you realize that life is not divided into parts. Life is all one.

Life is love, God is love, and Soul exists because God loves It. If you can get this overview that everything is a wholeness—that everything is right and in its proper place at this time—then you will have gained spiritually. You will have a viewpoint in life that is different from 99 percent of people.

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