The God Worlds of ECK

The God Worlds can best be described as planes of reality. Each plane corresponds to a certain state of consciousness and vibration.

Inner Road Map

This is a road map to the inner planes or heavens. You can use this chart to plan your spiritual travels or to better understand where you have been or what you have experienced.

Lower and Higher Worlds

There is a bold line dividing the top half and lower half of the chart; this separates the lower worlds from the higher God Worlds of ECK.

The higher worlds are positive—of pure Spirit; the lower worlds are material—or negative—mixed with degrees of Spirit (this is noted on the left side of the chart). As you move upward through the worlds, each successive plane has a greater proportion of Spirit to matter. The right side of the chart shows that the lower worlds are the training ground for Self-Realization and the higher worlds are the training ground for God-Realization.

Planes, Chants, Sounds

The first column gives the names of the plane. Next to the name, in the second column, is the word to sing or chant to go to that plane. In the third column is the sound you might hear or recall if you have traveled there. There are also brief descriptions of what each lower plane is about.


The chart also shows the color associated with each plane—the color you may see or recall as predominating there.

Inner Temples

Each of these worlds, or planes, has one main Golden Wisdom Temple and many minor temples in which you can study. These temples and the ECK Masters who teach there can be found in ECK Wisdom Temples, Spiritual Cities, & Guides: A Brief History.

Navigating the Inner Regions

To understand a karmic pattern you’ve noticed or understand a past life, you might want to go to the Causal Plane; and to do that, you could chant the word Mana. If you’ve had dreams where you see orange items or were bathed in orange light, maybe it has something to do with the Causal Plane. Or maybe during a spiritual exercise, meditation, or prayer, you hear running water inwardly—an indication that you might be on the Mental Plane.

HU—Sound of All Sounds

Notice that HU is both the word to chant and the sound you’ll hear on the Anami Lok. This is because HU encompasses all the worlds and all the sounds of existence.

Direct Experience of the Light and Sound

Learning to recognize, understand, and work with the Light and Sound of God is one of the most unique and exciting aspects of Eᴄᴋᴀɴᴋᴀʀ. Becoming attuned to the sounds, visual characteristics, and vibrational rates of the God Worlds via Soul Travel is an aid to achieving Self-Realization and even God-Realization in this lifetime.

Open to Your Full Potential

Today is a special time in the history of mankind. It is now possible to speak openly of past lives, dreams, and Soul Travel; explore the God Worlds; and pursue the fulfillment of Soul’s ultimate destiny. A window of opportunity is open. It has opened for you.

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