Dance of a Lifetime

By Sri Harold Klemp

“Rose,” a woman from Germany, had a dream where she was at a great dance, but everything looked like it was from the early 1950s. The clothes, the people, the music, the decorations, even the very structure of the room—it was all from the early 1950s. It occurred to Rose that that was when she was born.

In the dream, Rose looked around for a partner. She was going to dance with her aunt. But her aunt was dancing with someone else, and she looked happy. So Rose looked for another partner. But everybody was already dancing.

In this lifetime, Rose has had a very difficult time with her mother. It’s been a rough road. They haven’t always seen eye to eye. Her mother would give very definite rules, and Rose would have to follow them. Rose didn’t like it, and this caused hard feelings.

In her dream, Rose looked along the wall. There, sitting on a chair all by herself, was her mother.

“I’ll go dance with her,” Rose decided. “She looks unhappy.”

She went over to her mother and asked if she’d like to dance. The mother said she’d love to. So they started dancing and, true to form, her mother said, “Straighten your shoulders. Put that arm up higher.” And other rules that a German mama might have for her child.

But Rose noticed that they danced together extremely well. In fact, it was the best she had ever danced. Rose admitted to not being a very great dancer out here in the physical world. But there, even with her mother, it was just wonderful.

Rose thought to herself, No one’s ever led me through a dance like this before.

When Rose awoke, she knew the meaning of the dream. Between lives, before this one, Rose had chosen that particular Soul to be her mother. Rose had said, “This is a onetime deal only, OK?” Rose knew she needed certain spiritual disciplines so she could lead a safe and happy life and eventually find Eᴄᴋᴀɴᴋᴀʀ.

In a very special way, her mother led her to a very secure future and a good life. Rose is a happy woman now. She has a lot of zest for living. She accepts the blessings of the Holy Spirit with all her love and gratitude.

—Adapted from “Thanks for the Help and Love” in The Road to Spiritual Freedom

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