As a spiritual student, you can work outwardly and inwardly with the ECK teachings. Outward study may include the ECK Spiritual Living Courses, classes, listening to Sri Harold’s talks on a range of spiritual topics, and reading other ECK works. You get to choose.

The inner side comes through practice of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. These exercises will open you to new worlds of possibility. To aid your explorations is an inner teacher, the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ.

The ECK Spiritual Living Courses are a living road map to spiritual transformation. Not only revealing the path to your goal, but providing high adventure every step of the way. Each month brings you a new measure of enlightenment.

There is an agreement between you and your teacher, the Inner Master.

You agree to explore the course lessons and do the daily spiritual exercises (about fifteen to twenty minutes upon rising or at bedtime). This sets a rhythm. It activates the natural love bond between Soul—the real you—and the ECK, the God Current.

The Inner Master begins to light up your dreams and certain events in your daily life as learning opportunities. These are invitations to practice new spiritual skills, open your heart, and employ a new awareness.

It is a very personal, rich, miraculous feeling to see the action of Spirit in your own mind and heart.

A highly enjoyable relationship!

Each stage of enlightenment brings more joy, more certainty about the choices you make in life. More self-direction and freedom.

The joy comes from knowing you are more than you ever dreamed you’d be. Your identity as a spiritual being brings a new order and understanding to life. You may finally feel at home.

Expect to have greater insight into your life situations—the whys and why nots. And greater creativity to solve problems. This awareness may come via intuition, through dreams, or in any other number of ways.

You may feel a deepening love for the gift of life and begin to show your gratitude in acts of kindness or service to life around you.

If your main goal is an easy life, this is not the path.

The first series of lessons is called The Easy Way Discourses because Eckankar sets a clear, straight-ahead course without side trips into lessons already learned by Soul in other lifetimes or in other religions.

The ECK path leads to self-responsibility, which can be unfamiliar territory for many of us. Self-responsibility leads to freedom. And freedom from limitation is a little taste of heaven.

On the plus side, you can enjoy knowing that every obstacle in life holds a priceless gift of unfoldment. That’s no accident. It’s the divine purpose of obstacles.

  1. Find a quiet spot.
  2. Begin reading.
  3. Take your time.

The ECK Spiritual Living Courses are written in the language of Soul—they give a look behind the scenes of life. The key is experimenting with the spiritual exercises.

As you read, you may notice some of your own thoughts reflected in the lesson. Or find that a particular bit of wisdom uncannily addresses an issue in your life this very day or week.

This is all part of the agreement.

And keep an eye out—what changes do you see in yourself each month? There are writing pages in each lesson to help you reflect and track the subtle changes and profound realizations that will come.

These are your treasure.

Questions about the lesson? Great! Take them into contemplation, and ask the Inner Master. You will find a ready ear. There are techniques for this in every course lesson. Jot down your special insights on the writing pages. Some of your inner discoveries will be secret and just for you, but others can be shared and discussed with others—perhaps in a Satsang class.

In a month or so, check back and review these pages. See how the Inner Master has led you to find your own answers.

The path of ECK is the adventure of a lifetime!

Begin the Adventure of a Lifetime

True spiritual freedom awaits you. And you, the hero, travel on. . . .

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