Yes, registration is complimentary for guests.

An email address is required to register.

You can still use the password given at the time of registration. (You might also want to check your email spam.)

Check your email for confirmation that shows this information. If it does not turn up there, you may contact us at 952-380-2222.

The donation amounts listed are suggested donations only. You are welcome to give as you are able.

Language Translation

This online event is being presented in English only. Your local region may be able to organize a translated presentation.

Technical Concerns

Any device that can access the internet should be able to access the online event.

  1. If you have problems playing the content on the site using a laptop/tablet/smartphone, try playing it on a desktop computer that is hard-wired to the internet (not wireless/Wi-Fi).
  2. If you still have problems, try using a different browser.
  3. It seems that of all the browsers, Google Chrome has the most stable performance as opposed to Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox.

Note: We test the audio and video delivery systems on our website as best we can before delivering it to the public. All we can guarantee is that the audio or video file plays as expected on our systems and that our server is sending out the signal correctly.

We test with all major browsers and on the PC and Mac platforms. Again, when it gets to your system, with your unique device, operating system, browser and also the signal flow from your internet provider, all these can add more ways that the signal can fail to play correctly.

Important: Playing media (audio & video) over the internet can fail for many reasons:

  • Wireless reception is always less reliable than “hard wired.” This can cause inconsistent playback on smartphones, tablets, and even laptops.
  • Streaming audio or video can be very sensitive to drop-offs in the signal flow to the device, and when this happens, the playback will stop.
  • Inconsistent Wi-Fi signal in public areas.
  • Sometimes certain browsers just seem to work better (or worse), with different devices. And this can be unique only to your setup. Therefore, if it doesn’t play using one browser, try another, or even a third.

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