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  • Dreams
  • Miraculous coincidences
  • Out-of-body adventures
  • Inner guidance
  • Past lives
  • Life after death

Hear about life-changing Soul experiences that awaken and validate truth already within the heart. Try creative spiritual exercises to connect with your Higher Self.

Raise your spiritual IQ and make your life a real Soul Adventure!

Episode 1
“Is There More to Life Than What We See?”

Join host Doug Kunin and guests, Stella Forsberg and Carl Oresick, for a lively conversation on the quest for higher truth, dreams, and out-of-body experiences.

Our guests’ riveting, first-hand accounts invite your spiritual curiosity as they explore life beyond the ordinary.

Resources shared on the show:
• Try the simple spiritual exercise, Seeds of Destiny, to open the door to your own spiritual experiences.
• Discover more about the ancient mantra and sacred sound shared in this episode, at Gift of HU.
• Download the free HU App at Apple App Store or Google Play.

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Ep 1: Is There More To Life Than What We See?

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