Practical Benefits of Dreams

By Sri Harold Klemp

Sometimes a lesson derived from the dream state brings a healing.

Healing in Dreams

An ECK initiate, “Helen,” went to see her doctor about a certain health problem.  He gave her two prescriptions which had proven helpful to other patients with the same condition.  She took the medications faithfully for a few days but finally concluded that they were not going to work for her.

One night Helen had a dream—a very simple inner experience.  First she saw a plain black screen.  Then the letters began to appear, one by one, each a different color, spelling out the word Ornade.  She didn’t know exactly what it was, but she had a feeling it was significant for her health.  She woke up in the middle of the night and, while the experience was fresh in her mind, she got out of bed and carefully wrote down the word.

The next day Helen called the pharmacist who filled her prescriptions.  “Is there a drug called Ornade?” she asked.

“Yes, there is,” he said.  “It’s often used as a decongestant.”  As far as he knew, it had never been used as a remedy for her particular condition.

A few days later she went to see her doctor again.  “The drugs you prescribed don’t work for me,” she said.  “I would like to try Ornade.”

“It won’t help you at all,” he said.  “It’s perfectly useless for your condition.”

Helen felt foolish, but she told him about seeing the name in a dream.  She was very persistent about wanting to give it a try, and finally he gave in.  “All right,” he said.  “I don’t recommend it, but it won’t hurt you.”

He wrote her out a prescription.  She went directly to the pharmacy to have it filled and began to use the drug that same day.  In a short time she found that it worked very well for her, even though it was not intended as a treatment for her condition.

Dreams and Diet

When her eldest son was in sixth grade, “Glenda” found that he was often sick on Monday mornings.  The teacher concluded, “He’s got school phobia; just send him to school.”  The doctor said, “Give him these medications, and send him to school.”  But Glenda wanted to find out what the problem really was.

One night in a dream she got a nudge to begin checking her son’s diet.

She recorded what he ate during the week and what he ate on weekends.  And she found out he ate more ice cream on the weekends than at any other time.

Glenda experimented.  She found that when he didn’t have ice cream or other milk products on the weekends, he was fine on Monday, ready to go to school.  She concluded that he was sensitive to dairy products.

She could’ve been intimidated by the school officials, who were highly educated.  They huffed and puffed and said, “Send him to school anyway.”  But she said no; she knew there was something else.  Because the still small voice of the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ was speaking to her and nudging her to look a little bit further, she found the food sensitivity.

Spiritual Exercise: How to Heal Yourself

A way to heal oneself begins with a spiritual exercise.  At bedtime, sing the word HU (pronounced like the word hue, but long and drawn-out).  Softly sing this ancient name for God for five to ten minutes.  Also create a mental picture of your problem.  See it as a simple cartoon.  Beside it, place another image of the condition as you feel it should be.

Keep a record of your dreams.  Make a short note about every dream you recall upon awakening.  Also be alert during the day for clues about your problem from other people.  The Holy Spirit works through them too.

Help in Business

A businessman, “Andrew,” had the responsibility of accounting for the funds of small firms.  He hadn’t kept his books up for a while, and one night he had a dream.  In the dream, two young men came into his room and began examining the accounting books.  Andrew stood off to the side, watching as the accountants sat down and began to audit the books.

When he woke up in the morning, he immediately started catching up on his ledger accounts, straightening everything out.  He worked on this for a couple of mornings, and his wife asked him, “Why are you taking care of the books, when normally you’d be getting ready for work?”

“I don’t know,” he said.  “I just have this strong feeling to do it.”

On the third day, Andrew was at work, when two young men walked in the door.  They were auditors; they had come to audit his books.  And he was ready, all because he had trusted the message he got from his dream.

Dream Help with Finances

In an African country where hyperinflation has taken over, an ECKist, “Peter,” and his wife were having a very hard time making ends meet.  They didn’t know what to do.  Some outstanding bills were about to come due, and the family needed money to pay them.

One night in the dream state the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ came to Peter, and in his hand the Mahanta carried a belt.  Just a belt.  He handed it to the dreamer.

Peter said, “What do you want me to do with this belt?”

The Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ said, “Tighten it.”

So when they woke up in the morning, Peter and his wife sat down and made a budget.  They figured out where they were going to tighten their belts and cut expenses.  And because they did this, they were able to cope with the inflation.  They had taken measures to do it.

An inner experience can give us an insight into our outer experience.  The dream becomes like a play with hidden meaning, which gives us a clue about the outcome of our outer life.

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