To Let God Love You

A cat lounging in a tree
A Contemplation Seed

By Sri Harold Klemp

Everything in the right amount brings an abundance of life and fulfillment.

Nature reflects the laws of ECK. Therefore, observe its workings in the habits of birds, the cycles of plants, and the instincts of the reptiles and mammals.

All sing the glory of ECK; all teach the secrets of life.

Watch the coming and going of clouds, the waxing and waning of the moon, and the rising and setting of the sun. They reveal the natural order of creation.

Everything is right when there is neither too much nor too little for the time and place. So is it also with your spiritual life.

Eat foods that are good for you, because they build and restore the temple where Soul resides. Accept your emotions. Permit your mind to study, explore, and grow. Give yourself time for rest and contemplation. Love God.

Give thanks for life, for it blesses you with revelations.

Life gives and takes, but always gives again. Be thankful for wisdom, be grateful for existence.

Life is precious. Love it, and it will return unfoldment to you a thousand times. We live in a time of unequaled spiritual opportunity.

This world and the things in it are for exploration, study, and joy.

Immerse yourself in living. Pet a cat, hug a child, or love a dog. Eat an ice-cream cone, have some pie—but do all things in moderation.

Ask yourself, What is for my highest good?

Take a walk by yourself or with a loved one. Listen for the Voice of God in the sounds of nature.

There is a plan to living; there is order. Love, and let God love you.

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