What Is Soul Travel?

Understanding Soul Travel

Here are questions Sri Harold Klemp has been asked about Soul Travel and exploring the worlds we experience on our Soul Travel Adventures.

Read on for clues that may help you.

Why is it so important in Eckankar to learn Soul Travel?

Soul Travel, in a broad sense, is of much value because it is a link to the expansion of consciousness. The rule of destiny holds that people at some time will begin to awaken to who and what they are. A knowledge of past lives may also open to them by way of dreams or déjà vu. A few catch a glimpse of future events.

Note that Soul Travel means moving into the higher realms of God, to places people haven’t yet dreamed of. Soul Travel reveals a majesty and security that abounds in the arms of God alone.

For this reason, Soul Travel transcends astral or mind travel, and rote prayer, elevating one into profound spiritual areas. Whenever Soul reaches the far orbits of the inner planes through Soul Travel, the human heart opens to God’s all-consuming love.

It is our very purpose to discover that love.

—Eckankar’s Spiritual Experiences Guidebook

What are the inner worlds like? What will I see?

Those of you who are able to visit the higher worlds of God know there are places which beggar the largest mansion on earth. Some of the buildings and homes in the other worlds are of such beauty and size and light that anyone who gets there is in awe of the wonders that exist in creation.

These things exist. Anything that any human being can create here is a paltry, shabby, thatched-roof shack in comparison to the buildings in heaven.

If you have the ability to go to these other worlds—either in the dream state or through Soul Travel—you can have the experience and learn these realities for yourself.

You’ll find that the bounties of God are much greater than the four corners of this little earth. This earth is just a tiny little pebble in God’s worlds.

It’s a surprising thing, sometimes, that God even knows where this pebble is located in Its worlds.

It’d be like trying to find a certain grain of sand on the beach.

But that’s the language of love. God’s love is so great that It created every kind of abundance for those people who would make an effort to look for it and find it.

The language of love is the love God has for us and that we have for each other. We try to show this to those we love in some small way that gives this love back to God. 

—The Road to Spiritual Freedom

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