The ECK discourses are written with a secret, internal rhythm that gradually unfolds your consciousness in a very precise and orderly manner.

When you become a member of Eckankar, you receive a discourse series for your personal study. Seventeen years of spiritual self-discovery courses are available, starting with The Easy Way Discourses. During the first year you’ll explore topics such as dreams, karma, reincarnation, being cause in your life, going beyond the mind, and more.

Each course, also available online, contains twelve monthly lessons that include inspirational content, spiritual exercises, workbook activities, and a CD of excerpts from Sri Harold Klemp’s talks.

Available in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese,* Dutch,* Japanese,* Polish,* Portuguese,* Russian,* Spanish,* and Swedish.*

*These languages have a limited discourse selection.

I love how every new lesson seems to correspond to a situation in my life at that moment. But what I love even more are the workbook activities that accompany the discourse. They put a spotlight into a certain area, and that opens up a wealth of experiences for me.


What is Satsang? Union with truth; a spiritual gathering; connecting with the God Current.

To aid your exploration of the ECK discourses, you are welcome to participate in ECK Satsang classes. In a small group of up to twelve people, you will have the opportunity to share your own insights and experiences. Such sharing in the company of other truth seekers is a powerful way to accelerate spiritual growth and understanding.

These optional classes come as a benefit with your ECK membership.

Satsang is my favorite day of the month. . . . I always come away a bigger, brighter person. It’s a connection I find nowhere else. Amazing! I never miss a class.

You can test and weigh the teachings of ECK in the scales of truth. Thousands like you have already done so, and now here’s your own chance to try.

The standard by which to judge truth is spiritual freedom. Make that standard your own and never turn your back on it.

Sri Harold Klemp

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