Dreams & Medieval Past Lives



Understanding and Interpreting Dreams

Have you had a dream about a certain period of history? Could this be a memory of a past life?

Discover a deeper insight into your dreams in this answer from Sri Harold Klemp.

Dreaming about Medieval Times

Q: I haven’t been having any dreams that I can remember for the past month. This is unusual for me; I usually have dreams all the time. Is it karma? I would like to know, if possible, because I learn from my dreams.

Another thing I would like to know is, are there knights on the higher planes? I am attracted to medieval wars and battles.

A: In answer to your first question: By the time you read this, you will have started to dream again. There are times when Soul shifts gears; this is when we don’t always remember our dreams. But it is a passing thing.

About your attraction to knights and medieval wars and battles: Your interest in that period of history is due to your many past lives there.

It was a time of great adventure, chivalry, and heroics. The forces of darkness and light were in a hotly contested battle for centuries, and you played a part in those unsettled, but interesting, times.

History can teach us much about how mankind’s unlearned lessons repeat themselves. This allows us to use our knowledge to avoid unnecessary problems, because we can sidestep a lot of them.

People make history. You might enjoy the historical novels by Mary Stewart that bring to life the times of King Arthur at the beginning of the Middle Ages: The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills, The Last Enchantment, and The Wicked Day.

You’ll find many spiritual insights in these books, for the author is adept at looking at past-life records on the Causal Plane.

A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 1

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What Is the Inner and Outer Master?

Inner Master Feature

By Sri Harold Klemp

In ECK, there is the principle of the Inner and Outer Master.  The Outer Master is myself as the spiritual leader of Eᴄᴋᴀɴᴋᴀʀ.  But there is also an inner part, which we call the Inner Master, who gives spiritual instruction to each person as he or she needs it.

In other words, each person is unique in how they look at life, because each person’s experiences have been totally unique.  Even twins are unique in that there is a different being operating through each physical body.


As the Inner Master I am able to reach and teach many people at once.  More importantly, I am able to talk to each person according to his spiritual needs.  This is a part of the spiritual teaching of Eᴄᴋᴀɴᴋᴀʀ which might differ from what many people are used to in their previous religion.

Often the teaching begins in the dream state.  Once you become interested in Eᴄᴋᴀɴᴋᴀʀ, you find that your dream state begins to change.   At first you don’t know whether it’s a change for the better or for the worse because you are not familiar with what is happening.

Your dreams are changing because, at some level, you have given your consent to work with the Inner Master, also called the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ.  By studying ECK, being interested in ECK, and indeed even coming to the ECK seminar, you have said, “I would like to know a little bit about ECK.”

—Excerpted from We Come as Eagles, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 9.

Meeting the Light Giver

Here is a spiritual exercise to begin having your own experiences with the Mahanta’s guidance.

The Light Giver

Find a quiet place and seat yourself comfortably. Relax with a couple of deep breaths and shut your eyes.

Begin by chanting HU aloud as long as you like, maybe five minutes or so, and then continue chanting silently, or as a whisper. This will take a natural rhythm.

Gently consider, what are the most desired qualities you would look for in a spiritual master? Contemplate this from your heart.

Then invite the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ, the Inner Master, to show you in some way how the seeds of these very qualities are coming to life within you. Otherwise, how could you want or recognize them in a spiritual guide?

You may hear an inner sound or see an inner light as you continue to chant the HU. Or you may feel a reassuring presence or warmth in your heart area.

*          *          *

As the Light Giver, the Mᴀʜᴀɴᴛᴀ will illuminate new textures and expressions of God’s unconditional love in your day and even in your dreams. These moments may come to you in such natural design you might overlook their presence.

Something in your heart will then say, “Look again.”

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