Online Event | May 1–June 30, 2021
Spiritual Keys for a Happier Life

A journey of spiritual discovery awaits you!

Dynamic presentations invite you to explore new ways to think about life, your pursuit of happiness, and your essential well-being. You’ll find inspiring stories of real-life Soul adventures and musical performances to open the heart and mind.

Venture beyond the ordinary and try the Spiritual Exercises of ECK—transform from the inside out!

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The whole online seminar was such a beautiful and intense experience! The uplifting vibrations and enormous amount of love were coming through all the talks and creative arts. Thank you so much for this enriching experience.
Munich, Germany


Spiritual experiences touch us at the very core of our being. You are Soul—an eternal, unique, divine spark of God.

As Soul, you have the God knowledge within you.

A Soul adventure can awaken you to more of the love, wisdom, and creative powers already within your heart. And in the most natural and extraordinary ways.  No doubt some of the opportunities offered below are familiar to you.

Look them over, and see what further possibilities await your discovery on the Path of Spiritual Freedom!

Spirit clears your path forward

Divine Help in
Daily Life

  • Inner Guidance—How nudges, intuition, and dreams can offer higher spiritual direction
  • Miraculous Coincidences—How a divine power is at work behind the scenes of your life
  • Spiritual Healing—How to accept the gift of true healing
  • Creative Problem Solving—How to get beyond the mind and tap the source of all creativity
  • Connect with the Life Force—Spiritual exercises to experience the God Current in a direct, personal way. Raise your spiritual IQ!
  • Spiritual Stress Relief—How to align with the divine Life Force in any situation
This spiritual focus gives me an edge in every aspect of my life. I think it’s the love!

Soul’s journey to God-Discovery

Finding Your
Life’s Purpose

It’s the best adventure of your life! Knowing yourself and learning to grow beyond measure, it’s amazing! There is truly nothing that compares to that.

Access the treasure of Soul perceptions


Finding Eckankar was like waking from a dream and seeing reality for the first time. I never want to go back.

Join Us For Spiritual Discovery
Is There More to Life Than What We See?

  • Dreams
  • Miraculous coincidences
  • Out-of-body adventures
  • Inner guidance
  • Past lives
  • Life after death

Hear about life-changing Soul experiences that awaken and validate truth already within the heart. Try creative spiritual exercises to connect with your Higher Self.

Raise your spiritual IQ and make your life a real Soul Adventure!

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ECK Soul Adventure ebooklet
HU—Your Key to Spiritual Living

Have you ever reached out to the universe for love, answers, or a sign?

Experience how singing or chanting HU, the Sound behind all sounds, can fill you with peace, relight your dreams, help you in challenging situations, and attune you to higher awareness!

HU is a carrier of love between God and Soul.

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Begin the Adventure of a Lifetime
A true spiritual teaching strengthens the link between God and you. And it provides a guide to help make your individual journey as direct as possible.

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ECK Soul Adventure Seminar
Take your spiritual transformation to another level at an ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Seminar.

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